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The Not So Perfect Couple Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

Paddy and Sam have a very timely conversation with their guest this week, Susie Miller. They discuss keeping your relationship together during quarantine, and how COVID-19 is affecting relationships all around the world. 

Susie Miller is a speaker, author, and coach committed to helping high performers thrive in the...

Apr 20, 2020

In this weeks episode of the Not So Perfect Couple Paddy and Sam go into detail about their own unresolved disagreements.

The reality is, there are a number of things you'll always disagree with, with your significant other. The important thing isn't the disagreement, it is how you handle and resolve...

Apr 13, 2020

This week the Not So Perfect Couple sits down with their friend Csilla Veress. This conversation couldn't come at a more perfect time, since we are all trying to keep ourselves healthy. You'll love this conversation they have.

Csilla Veress ND, LAc, is primary care doctor currently practicing at TrueNorth Health Center,...

Apr 6, 2020

In this weeks episode with the Not So Perfect Couple, they share with you something they've developed for a client of theirs on how to deal during this quarantine. 

In this episode, they dive into 5 things to keep your relationship alive during the lockdown! Truly game changing information from Sam and Paddy!