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The Not So Perfect Couple Podcast

Jan 27, 2020

This week the Not So Perfect Couple dives into relationship killers. They dive into the studies of Dr. John Gottman who has over 30 years of research on relationships in his relationship labs. This doctor can tell within an hour whether a couple will stay together or not, based on how they interact with each other.


Jan 20, 2020

Sam and Paddy have a great time with this interview. Patrick in this goes deep into his own self-deprecation, even though he does it in a joking manner, he realizes that his inner "monger" takes hold some times. Don't get us wrong, the not so perfect couple certainly love themselves, but this episode is AWESOME!


Jan 13, 2020

So, what was it like for the Not So Perfect Couple to venture to a clothing optional resort? If you tuned in last week you knew that Sam and Paddy went for both research and just out of curiosity. 

In this episode they dive into how they felt going into it. The nerves about not knowing 100% what to expect. If they got...

Jan 6, 2020

In this weeks episode, Paddy and Sam share what their plans are over the Holiday week. What is it you ask? Well, the Not So Perfect Couple is heading to a nudist resort (clothing optional) so Sam can do some research for her new book about sex. 

What's their take on this new adventure? What are they worried about? Are...